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Why Open Source

We are seeing an increased adoption of open source solutions across the enterprise, be it in government, telecommunications or insurance industries. In the last couple of years we have started seeing enterprise customers being more willing to implement open source, thus forming a great base for professionals, who are experts in Open Source, to kick start a wonderful career, full of opportunities.

The purpose of our initiative is to provide a platform where we want to actively take the open source initiative to the professionals who are aspiring for a career as a leader in the IT industry.

Industry leaders believe that while they have jobs to offer on great packages but there is a dearth of Open Source expert professionals. Simply put, “the jobs are there but suitable professionals is what all the major companies are looking for..”

Vikash Jha
MD, Unotech Software & an avid Open Source expert

An open source career enhances a traditional corporate career and provides new opportunities

  • Open Source is becoming mainstream and the market is booming
  • Demonstrate skills by contributing to the Open Source community and attract top employers
  • An open source career promises higher salary, higher job security and a richer job experience and early adoptorsof the skill will be the max benefitted